Thursday, December 27, 2012

We kissed on a corner then danced through the night

How was your Christmas? I celebrated mine in a haze of semi-expensive alcohol and Proenza Schouler, it seemed like the only plausible escape. Chloe went back to California and Stephanie successfully faked a cold to get out of the dinner party I warned her about. So much for gratitude.

Mother's obnoxious friends and their son - the Victoria's Secret fetishist - arrived at exactly 6 pm like I knew they would, I made sure I was still in the shower. Just as I got out, wearing nothing but a towel, Frank showed up unexpectedly (at least to me). He winked at me as I rushed past him into my room, I caught a quick glimpse of his stripe lined Paul Smith overcoat and the milk-white lilies he held behind his back.

Mother uncovered the 15 pound turkey on the table with ill-disguised pride (not that she made it herself of course) and an "abracadaver" instead of the more traditional "ta-dah". A couple of bottles of Beaujolais Nouveau later I called Henry, he graciously agreed to meet me on Lexington and save me from the horror of coming back to discover the mini devil sleeping in my bed.

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