Wednesday, December 19, 2012

19 - "Happy birthday my flower"

My birthday coincides with fall but that only had a meaning in fairytales when I was little. All I knew was the constant 75 degree season that Los Angeles is forever trapped in, it's very different in New York with the cold winds that sometimes feel like cleansing tonic.

My father always called me princess or angel, Carl called me flower. Every year he remembered my birthday, he would call and when I picked up he would say "happy birthday my flower". Then came that summer and the calls stopped, I only heard about him from friends for more than five years. Five years without him and five birthdays without his voice in my ear.

This spring he fell in love with Chloe and she fell in love with him. Something happened to them - I never asked what - and she moved here to be with me. When the fall came I thought about him and counted the days, he called me and I picked up and he said "happy birthday my flower", just like I wished he would.

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