Monday, December 24, 2012

24 - "Only ignorant people are truly happy"

When someone asks me how I am I usually lie, no one wants to know the truth anyway. I remember moments of happiness (every time Chloe sits next to me on the bed smelling like honeydew in her newest dress), but they're only moments. They're like little bubbles waiting to burst and all I can think of when I'm in them is that nothing lasts forever.

Henry asked me once in the light from hundreds of candles in an apartment in Brooklyn. The power was still out after the storm, we sat under the same blanket in the cold and I said no. I remember the way he held my hand so that no one else could see and he said it was a good thing because only ignorant people are truly happy. Someone next to us started laughing nervously but it wasn't a joke and that's where I am now, that's what I am now.

I've looked myself in the mirror so many times and said "no, I'm not happy", but that only means there is still something to be found in all this darkness. I'm not happy but I know I can be and sometimes that is all it takes and all that really matters.


  1. <3 Truly is all it takes, the smallest bits of hope.
    Much love, Merry Christmas dear xx

  2. Reading this reminds me of a line of lyric from a song I know, "Happiness is an option."

  3. 'Only ignorant people are truly happy'

    Well said.

  4. I couldn't agree more with the title and good things come to those who wait!
    xoxo from India

  5. Yes, ignorance is bliss, but I don't believe it is the only way to happiness. There must be more routes.
    I hope you have a peaceful christmas time xxx

  6. Wow, the text is so emotional, so I have read it more than once.
    It may be that we are all unhappy sometimes, that you're unhappy, so me too. But if you are unhappy all the time it only means that there is something in your life, that have to be changed.

  7. thats soo beautiful, it just feels like all that is something i wanna say, but you wrote it down. wat is it today, that i have been coming across such beautiful blogs. yours being the second:)

    thanks for your comment on my blog!!

  8. & sometimes I wander why I care this much... why I hurt this much. one day all of these will be just wasted time.
    this makes my soul cry.

  9. I agree wholeheartedly, ignorance is bliss

    Happy Christmas Avy

    Take care x

  10. loved this pics!!!!!!

  11. I understand this so well.

    Love, Vi

  12. I understand... :)

    have a nice day

  13. To me happiness if fleeting and momentary. I keep thinking a lot now about how life is also the same. The question on my mind now is how do I rake in as much happiness in what little time is left in my life. Then again, is all of this just irrevelant and I just continue to grasp what is current and it all remains the same. What is important now I ask. Day after day the routine seems to remain the same...

  14. 'Only ignorant people are truly happy' I love this.

  15. I guess the title makes sense... I can so much relate to that unhappiness feeling. I've never felt "happy" just ok or bad.. and bad most of the times.. I lie too.. you're one wants or needs to hear why my life sucks.. besides, sometimes I feel terribly with myself.. I have so many things and a home and a family..and there's people dying out there and have nothing.. why can't I feel happy? what's missing?..wish I knew...
    I remember a while ago, I wrote a comment in one of your posts and you said something like 'if you're not happy with your life you should try doing something about it or going to a place where you'll find it'... starting next year I'm moving and leaving it all behind.. I guess it really is about time I did something to change that.
    happy holidays..all the best for 2013

  16. I thought it was a problem of mine. I think we don't are never happy. Only little glimpses of what hapiness could be. I believe it's inherent to our species: we are never satisfied, we only want more. I think hapiness as a goal we try to reach but the goal is always moving. I'm not saying that hapiness don't exist. No, but few are the people that are trully happy, we so few things.

    Great blog you have here! And you are very welcomme in Portugal :) ~