Sunday, December 23, 2012

23 - "I know what this means to you"

The wasteland between us, it's still there after nine months but he's always closer to me than I think I can handle. I remember waking up in my father's car late at night to that song, I thought I smelled gasoline and fresh charcoal but it might just have been a dream.

When I needed to get away I would call Carl and he would pick me up outside our house. I would sit in the backseat and watch him in the rear view mirror, his eyes would glow like fireflies in the dark. Sometimes I would ask him to bring that CD, he never asked any questions.

When I moved to New York he sent me a letter, it took me two weeks to open it and when I did I found a quote from a song about living forever and his own words in the blackest of ink: "I know what this means to you."


  1. In the blackest of ink..
    Does it make the words more solid? More true? More permanent?

    Breakfast After 10

  2. We may be strangers, but I have fallen in love with your words, my dear! You are lovely in all definitions of the word.


  3. nice words and pictures dear <3

  4. Nice shot babe! Love it<3
    Btw thanks for commenting on my blog ya, happy new year :)

  5. Your writing and photos are so beautiful! You're such an inspiration and so talented- I also do writing on my blog and I would really appreciate any advice you could give me!

    Love x x x