Thursday, March 22, 2018

Wake from your sleep

Snow in New York and the memories seem so distant. I forget that I was there, the streets and the smell of them. More and more seldom I think of going back, knowing that sooner or later I'll have to.

I've worn black from Givenchy all week, pre-Tisci of course. A British expat complimented my shoes at Café de la Paix, in my current state it was more than enough to follow him home. The last time a man noticed my heels I was 17 in LA and probably shouldn't have fucked him, but back then I remember it felt like destiny.

The Brit told me his name was Steven but I called him Neil because it suited him better. We watched La La Land in his apartment on Rue du Four, I cried at the end and fell asleep on his lap while he tried his best to comfort me, his hand in my hair, a bottle of Californian Pinot Noir like blood flowing through my system. It was sweet.


  1. clam fan. dish. you posted on my birthday! I love Tisci. I love just saying the word Tisci. I had the exact same experience as you, except we watched Moonlight. lately i’m really into heels in bed, especially Redbottoms in bed. i’ve started wearing footlong Redbottom heels to bed...

  2. "...back then I remember it felt like destiny." You capture so succinctly the beautiful and bewildering rollercoasters of our youths <3 <3 <3

  3. The snow melts so fast in New York now. Winter spends the afternoon then the fog returns.

  4. Is Neil still keeping you company? x