Friday, April 26, 2013

As time goes by

Of all the people in New York, he walks into me, Henry. He comes towards me like a whirlwind on 5th, dressed in black and purple. Trying to avoid him would be like climbing a waterfall. "I've been away" I tell him, "I know" he says as if it didn't matter and kisses me on the back of my hand. How did he know? I never ask and our conversation changes paths the way they always do.

I saw him everywhere in Venice, turning corners, walking away from me. When I came back I wanted to be where he wasn't and suddenly he stands there just inches away and we're breathing the same air. It smells of spring and Acqua di GiĆ², he puts his hand softly on my shoulder and whirls away from me again, as if he was never really there.

I walk on in a daze and it's not because of the opium. When I turn around a few blocks later I imagine that I spot him, turning a corner, walking away from me. The air smells like after a thunder storm.

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