Monday, October 3, 2022

Super model nights

On one of the antique mirrors at Lapérouse, Kate Moss has left a message for the after world: "it's 2 late 2 go 2 bed" she wrote, or carved in with something really sharp.

I tell him that story over dinner, he looks at me like he's found something to admire. I'm not sure what thar is but know better than to ask. When we walk through the Jardin des Tuileries after sunset he takes my hand and holds it in his without saying a single word.

It's a beautiful night but then again, nothing lasts forever.


  1. that's gotta be Kate Moss's kid leaving that mirror message with mama's keys...or perhaps it's Johnny Depp leaving that mirror message with his pirate hook. i'm loving the visual, yeah i always thought if they did a Night Court spinoff it would be Harry Anderson presiding over a bar. at least we get a reboot soon with Judge Harold T. Stone's daughter.

  2. I wonder who 'he' is these days. And what happened to the others. There are always more questions. And we always want more of Avy. <3

  3. Avyyyy. I've recently discovered Substack, and there are writers there who remind me of you (look up "arbiter of distaste") but only vaguely - no one could ever be as magical and lyrical and timeless as you. I wish you would come back, or come write on Substack - these words of yours are your spells, your potions, your way. We miss you.