Friday, November 13, 2020

Fuck you 2020

Another year that never happened, seems like the story of my life. You would think that growing older would give some insights but nothing ever changes for me. Stuck in the loop of pointless existence and never learing anything I didn't already know At least that's what it feels like but maybe I'm wrong again. Please keep reminding me of the reasons to keep on going.


  1. because you have blog friends like me! who missed you terribly! you're the last of the innovators! you and Bjork. nobody writes like you anymore, the deep-dive soul-searching soul-searing diaphanous complex contemplations of connection and computer, subtle strings, human love and the killing joke i've been doing what i can over at Instagram with my weekly stories, my writing routine has kept me afloat this terrible year, kept me from going crazy as sanctioned by a priest.

    if you ever lose feeling, this will make you feel again: the music video to Washed Out's "Weightless"

    don't worry, we're all gonna get wiped out by Apophis anyway...

    love you, Avy!

  2. Avy!! You're back! I can't believe it! Please please just keep writing, it doesn't matter if it's nothing new or if it doesn't dazzle you the way you'd like it to - because it f*cking BLINDS us still, the glory of your shiver-inducing words and out-of-this-world perspective. I've been checking this site once a week since your last post, and I'm beyond delighted to hear from you again! This year has been a punch in the gut to all of us, on top of all the other shit that comes with just being alive, but please - don't give up, don't stop. Keep writing whatever comes and we will read and savour and be grateful.

  3. This year feels like it didn't happen for many people. Perhaps the only exception are those who lost a loved one.
    Please come cak to blogging. I miss your posts

  4. Oh wow, you're back! Well, I mean, I often thought how you are.
    I wish I could have an answer to your question but I am struggling with that too.