Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Pink like my heart

Every guy I ever met more than twice has insisted on buying me underwear. It started when I was 14 in LA and made a cute but all too fragile college freshman get me and Chloe alcohol. I knew he was in love with me but finally had to end it when he sent me a pair of stay-ups in the mail, with a handwritten note I've tried to forget ever since.

Some have better taste than others, but whatever they buy says something important about their personalities:

  • Anything from a generic brand: you will never end up writing a novel/become an actor like you say you want
  • Just a bra: you pretend like you know me just to get close enough to fuck me
  • A whole set: too pretentious for your own good
I've always preferred a pair of panties. It tells me you're honest about your intentions, and if you pick the right ones I might even consider letting you see me in them.

Pictured: the pair a friend of a friend discretely slipped into my coat pocket after dinner last night.


  1. i only have one pair of boxer shorts. what can i say, Stussy is a sturdy brand. waiting for them to dissolve off me...

    i was perusing past the mall the other day when i saw in the Hot Topic giftshoppe an offer for "Catfishnet Stockings". even i'm not that adventurous.

    i lied. i had an other pair of underwear...edible underwear...but i ate them cos i was hungry.

  2. I'm going to start doing this to straight men to see how they respond.

  3. I must commend this man's dexterity for being able to slip that in unnoticed. Kinda reminds me of the kind you and S would wear when you were alone on valentine's day while eating chocolates on your mother's bed. Time has been good to you, my friend. I wish I could say the same for myself.

  4. I suspect that many of the people who have bought you lingerie also fantasised about seeing you wearing it. Did any of these persons ask you before buying or offer to take you lingerie shopping before simply picking it out themselves? I wonder how many of them were into lingerie literally? If I were ever thinking of buying a woman panties as an unsolicited gift without inquiring as to what she liked, I would be tempted to pick some of the same brands colours and styles I like wearing myself - comfortable and pretty. Obviously I am literally into panties - I have been wearing ladies panties for roughly 2/3 of my life. xx :D