Wednesday, April 13, 2016


The young couple next door. Teasing him is too easy but I don't do it for him. It teases her too but this is strictly for myself, so I'll remember what holding back when I want something really felt like. I've done it before but not as of lately, so I definitely need the practice.

They pass by my patio in the afternoon and every time I feel them glancing at me in the corners of their eyes, laying flat on my back on a bath sheet. How they both pretend like they're not watching. Her: not with envy but to make sure I don't follow him for too long. Him: with a subtle hint of desperation ever since he noticed that my bikini isn't a bikini but matching powder pink underwear from Marlies Dekkers.

I know by the way she squeezes his hand as they pass that she's seen it too, it's the finest part of my day since I cut the 3 o'clock glass of Champagne. My frustration afterwards would be easily cured but instead I wait for them to return an hour later, hands still firmly gripped around my thighs. It's painless torture for all of us but I need it, if I ever want to learn.



  1. Learn to want something you shouldn't have? Or to have something you shouldn't want?

  2. i was the only one in my class who liked doing homework.............................looking back, that explains so much. Marlies Dekkers has Undressed, Undressed was the best thing MTV ever did...

  3. By teasing them, you tease yourself the most... that's what ultimately happens xox

  4. Your writing is always so great x

  5. I don't know how to react to that.
    But I'll just say I love how captivating those photos are. And how enchanting your writing is as always.