Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Every time it rains in the morning it feels like the first day of fall.

I'm still afraid of switching my phone on to see if he's written or called. I've stopped checking my e-mails and keep asking people in the village if they've ever heard of Avy Stanford. No one has and it makes me breathe a little lighter, at least for a while until it all comes back to me like missing heartbeats.

Easter came and went, like Christmas it never meant anything significant to me as a child. At best they were times when we overcame our dysfunctionalities and pretended we were a family for a couple of days. Mother would tell me stories from her youth, all of them fabricated but from honest intentions. My father would look at her with love, the way he remembered her from when they first met (this is what he told me). I would say that I miss those times but it was too long ago and I sometimes think that every damn thing has changed somewhere along the way.


  1. They always change, yet you're never sure.

  2. Funny thing about hearts, they go on beating whether you miss them or not.

  3. I think we all remember our past the way we want too... not wanting to tell the hard truth... I think we need to tell the hard truth... I wonder if he is trying to find you...

  4. Love your writing, as always. xo

  5. nice!


  6. i know the feeling when u check ur phone expecting someone to have called u and the moment when u r nearly holding ur breath for the nanosecond as the screen turns on , u know that it is blank as always:\...but things happen ,they pass.

  7. I wish I'd marry someone like your dad who looks at your mom with so much love.

    Oh, memories. When you think about it, that's left of us really.

  8. I know that feeling too well waiting for someone to call. I like hearing about your memories and the meaningful way you tell the story.

  9. love the photo!

    Please check my Blog!! :)


    Alessa Bernal :)