Thursday, July 9, 2015

Days and nights away

It takes a few days to adjust to the rhythm, I don't sleep as much as I usually do and the colors are brighter somehow. Opening the blinds to the ocean in the morning is like coming to life again after an eternity of sleepwalking in the dark.

Henry stays in bed while I make us breakfast (if you can call a glass of rosé wine with freshly baked pains au chocolat breakfast). He puts on his bone white linen shirt and joins me in the balcony but we don't talk before the alcohol starts to kick in. Being drunk in broad daylight feels just like falling through endless skies in a beautiful dream.

I try not to think or plan too far ahead, these few weeks by the sea are much too precious. Eventually it will all start over again, another summer will have passed us by and left us with nothing but the memories and an idea of what living should always be like.

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