Sunday, January 11, 2015

Bohemian like you

She has a small apartment in Trastevere where she can pretend to be poor, and I that I've somehow managed to escape. We spend most of our days around Piazza di Spagna and Via dei Condotti, feeling less like tourists and more like European bohemians wearing outrageously colored vintage spring clothing from Kenzo Jungle.

At nights we get drunk in her apartment while trying on everything else in that tasteful wardrobe of hers, then stumble down the Lungaretta to the Arco di San Calisto where the waiters treat us like celebrities and friends. She tips in dollars and flirts shamelessly with the entire staff - after each dish they bring us free shots until the walls seem too start coming down like ancient ruins.

"Rome", she yells through the metallic noise, "is a lot like Paris I guess, only here you get drunk off Limoncello". I want to tell her she's wrong but the way she says it is just too damn adorable.

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