Thursday, May 16, 2019

Unchained melodies

I never met Anna Sorokin in person, but I know that Chloe did. We haven't really talked about it, she just mentioned it casually, in passing, like one of those pointless anecdotes you sometimes bring up only to break the silence.

Not the we ever needed it, of course. She was more than a friend to me, more like a sister or a lover, and maybe she still is although we haven't spoken or met in years. Time fades away so slowly and yet so quickly, as if to remind us of things we would prefer to forget.

I do it all the time but then something always happens to remind me, and I remember why I still have to do this, why I still need to stay on this path I've chosen, right or wrong, for better or for worse. There are times when it's felt like nothing but a waste of breath, but it always somehow comes back to this.


  1. it's the pangs. friendship is the most important force in the universe. that pang of maybe you could have done something more to steer a friend to the straight and narrow. or gay and happy. I sometimes think I caused my friend's lifetime unhappiness cos I took my phone off the hook that one time.

    I believe you have the force that could change any woman or man's heart. if it's not you, it's gonna be Paris Hilton, who has resurfaced in the news. in my mind, Annika Sorenstam and Bjork are best friends, I just think those two would get along...

  2. "Time fades away so slowly and yet so quickly, as if to remind us of things we would prefer to forget."
    Oh yes indeed, but I'm not sure we ever truly forget, just momentarily get distracted along the way.

  3. So many shadows from so many other lives. They accumulate.

  4. i hope one day you update.
    you are one of the last remaining from the 2011 masterpiece that was blogger.
    i feel a bit along these days.

  5. Magnifique !

    kiss, Carla

  6. Avy come back!! The internet isn't the same without you <3

  7. Get back, Avy!

    I also got back and feels good.

  8. Before we all started to see the world through the lens of Instagram, before we began measuring our worth through the # of "likes", there was this blog, and so many others, that were like glimmering lights guiding me through the wilderness years. Time has gone by so quickly but it feels like an eternity.

    I hope you're ok. x