Sunday, August 19, 2018

Les nuits des Anglais

The casual contacts you have in a town like Nice. Stephanie and I are at La Merenda when suddenly this British M&A guy I met in Paris at Café de Flore once shows up as if from nowhere and offers me a drink. It's more than a year ago that I thought giving him my number was a good idea, but some people just refuse to forget the stupid things you do while drunk.

After more than a few Vesper Martinis I'm in his apartment on Rue de la Buffa, as soon as I mention growing up in LA he wants to watch Crash on his big screen TV. I tell him it's too close to home while the real reason is that I hate Sandra Bullock ever since she tried to sleep with my dad (before she was famous, obviously).

Instead he lets me go and I wander home, past the street performance on the Promenade. The night is warm and I know it will be at least until the end of August. When I get back home Stephanie is already asleep, her clothes scattered across the floor of our 5th floor room. I can see the Negresco from our balcony, thinking that maybe Henry is there, at his balcony, looking for me too.


  1. Someone... wants to re-watch Crash?

  2. Sandra Bullock and Mick Jagger, i'm rooting for those two crazy kids. I wanna see it end in a November Rain wedding where Keith Richards, the Mummy of Honor, holds the ring on his pinkie finger

  3. please come back and post?
    pretty please?

  4. For reasons unknown to me, I am still hooked on your blog after all these years. Part of me wants to live a life similar to yours, while the rest of me knows it would be bad for me - but how bright you shine!
    Still hoping you will return to write.

  5. Aren't we all looking for things we aren't aware of. I feel like I'm lost in this chase
    Every piece of puzzle found, makes it less interesting to keep up with the chase. But then again, I keep moving on from one pawn to the other. Hope you're well AV. Been a while since I read your works. Somehow I always felt like I could relate to what you write.


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  7. It was really nice to read your blog.