Monday, August 13, 2018


High above the Promenade des Anglais and the sound of airplanes taking off from across the bay. We're at the Méridien with a bottle of rosé wine between us, the only thing I can drink before the end of the summer. Stephanie calmly puts down her lipstick-marked glass on the table, her polka dot Saint Laurent dress a mirage against the dark.

"I know why you keep going to new places", she says, a different kind of tone in her voice, one I can't say I've ever heard before. "I won't tell you what it is because you already know, but I want you to understand that I feel it too."

She lets the silence embrace us as we run out of oxygen to breathe. There are a million things she can say next but instead she holds back for a little too long, then looks up at me with a crooked smile that breaks my heart in two. "Either way", she giggles, "I just love making you speechless".


  1. there's only one way to know if you and Stephanie are soul mates: go to the silent disco together. if you can't hear any music and only hear each other's thoughts, you were meant to be...

  2. Some voices only come out once or twice in a lifetime.

  3. "I just love making you speechless" what a nice metaphor it is!
    Such kind of strange word really make us speechless and also make us happy when you hear it from our near and dear one.
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