Thursday, April 27, 2017

April fool

Every time I feel like posting something I'm missing the words and when I find them again I've always lost the will to write. And in spite of my silence you're still here, leaving me darling comments to read when I'm feeling lonely.

Paris is a strange sort of fairy tale these days; dark and hostile, a world of its own sporadically lit up by glimmers of hope that things will soon be better. I keep telling people the same old
stories over and over and instead of making friends I get sick of hearing my own voice.

I spend most of my time in a triangle between Printemps, CafĂ© de Flore and Avenue Montaigne. La Coupole is treacherous ground since I spotted the back of his head in the mirror by the bar. They call me sometimes to ask where I am, I guess it's some form of compliment. Either way I'm slowly awakened from my winter's sleep, getting ready to live just a little, step by step until the summer.  


  1. Definitely make up some new stories about yourself. And do voices. Have you tried wearing a fake mustache?

  2. Summer feels like coming out of hibernation. I haven't read your blog in so long, it feels like coming home.
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  3. I feel so happy and warmed when seeing something from you. Please stay here I need you as a breathing..

  4. i've found loneliness is not so much an attitude as a condition.

    lately i'm into bath bombs. cos i haven't had one in ages.

    i dread the summer. my callow skin peels and flakes. i have to get an extra-duty shade that resembles a baseball tarp.

    may you remain with us forever...