Monday, November 4, 2013

Night of the living dead

New York on Halloween reminds me of downtown Los Angeles on, well, any given day. The significant difference is that La La Land actually scares me.

Chloe claims to have nothing in common with her colleagues but insisted on spending the evening with a dozen of them in an obscure studio apartment in Tribecca. "You know how it is" she says but I really don't. Their semi scripted soap opera monologues about themselves (Kanye West playing in the background) went on for an hour before someone wanted to know what I do. I told him about the joy in finding a perfect balance between Diazepam and Zoloft to make life seem a little less surreal. He didn't ask any more questions.

I woke up in my dress one or two days later, I couldn't tell, and went for a walk through the park. All around were smiling people, if the buildings had crumbled down it could have drowned out the noise.

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