Friday, October 18, 2013


Chloe the copywriter is jealous of me, it's a cute look for her. She found a link to my blog in the good examples section of an online content writing course. Apparently I write "great first lines", and I didn't even ask for it (that's what bothers her the most). "Here I am trying to write something meaningful for orange juice" she says, "and I can't even picture the fucking product without vodka in it."

I try to offer some comfort by reminding her that at least she gets paid to write. "So do you" she says, "people love you. That's payment enough". I guess she's right, but sometimes I wish I really was that marketing campaign someone accused me of being.

So to the dear people at Alexander McQueen, Moschino or Prada: if you ever feel like using me in your marketing, you know where to find me. I'm the girl wearing your clothes on the dance floor later tonight.

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