Sunday, December 2, 2012

02 - "Self-interest never lies"

My father always talked to me as if I was an adult. He knew I would understand some day, that the things he told me would make sense as I got older and saw the world with my own eyes. "What motivates someone in the end", he said, "is almost always their own naked self-interest".

It may sound cynical but to me it's a form of consolation when the world seems mad. Unselfishness is a lie, no one wants to protect anyone else's interests but their own. No one will ever love you more than they love themselves so why pretend like they should?

I never do, and I know that it sometimes make me seem cold and distant but I'm not. I'm just looking out for myself, like he said I should, and it makes sense to me because he failed to do it for himself and that's what finally destroyed him.



  1. Helping others is the fastest way to save the self. Naked self-interest is highly corrosive. Like washing grapes with bleach.

  2. Your father was a smart man. Knowing without a doubt that people are *always* looking out for number one is the opposite of cynical, Avy. It allows us to understand them and perhaps not judge them too harshly for the pain they cause in their own self-interest.

    Thoughtful post.

  3. Yes makes sense but being friendly won't cost a thing we should know when to draw lines.

  4. I feel this way sometimes. And really, at the end of the day, it's all that you have,

  5. "No one will ever love you more than they love themselves so why pretend like they should?" Because we should. That is the standard. Love God and love your neighbor as yourself. Problematic for a heart that can't. And this is why Christ came to die. Our state is pretty offensive to our Creator. But because of the cross, we can choose to die there to our sin and receive the very life of God through faith in Yeshua. We don't have to stay in the wretched selfish condition we were born in. We can be born again. Otherwise all we are left with is our selfishness which is pretty ugly and will one day be judged.

  6. It's wonderful how fathers say just a sentence sometimes and have such a meaning behind it at the same time.

  7. If we all looked out for the good of ourselves and those around us as well in our own little corner of the world it could be a much better place. Defining good is the hard part. I am not religious but "do unto others" always made sense to me. It's instant karma.