Saturday, December 1, 2012

01 - "I know how much you love Tommy Hilfiger"

It wasn't my first Christmas, but one of the first I can remember. We had just bought the house in LA, it was 80 degrees out and I wondered when the snow would come. Mother had placed all our presents under a small yucca tree in the living room, we came down early in the morning to open them and there it was: a black waist long Tommy Hilfiger polyester jacket with a fluffy fur collar.

I remember the confusion. When did I tell her that? Does she love Tommy Hilfiger, is that why she got it for me? It's still a mystery, I have no idea what she meant but I know it helped shape my fashion sense. I browsed through the dresses and jackets in her closet: Dior, Prada, Chanel, Givenchy, YSL. No Tommy Hilfiger, no Ralph Lauren, no polyester.

I wore the jacket once, it felt like a charade. For my next Christmas, mother gave me three hundred-dollar bills and the Rolling Stones album Let it Bleed.


  1. i love how you remember everything..i have a memory span of a fish! And it's always great reading your blog

  2. hi hun nice blog u got here
    check mi out sometime
    happieee december :)

  3. always cherish good memories...superb work...GOD LOVE U

  4. How I wish to read this endlessly, what you write. It's sad that I'm having trouble with the internet connection. Can't read anyone's blogs. :(

    Love, Avy. Always.

  5. Although I never feel like I've gotten to know you after reading your articles, I do love to visit your blog.
    You're so mysterious, yet you tell all these personal things. It's great.
    Can't wait to read the rest of your december-memories!


  6. WOW TH for Christmas,you lucky girl,I can't remember the last thing my mother bough to me but I do borrow her clothes and she let's me keep it so it's like a present of some sort :D

  7. Have a great winter. I hope you enjoy this Christmas :-)

  8. Sometimes it's amazing to me the shit my mother comes up with, too. She doesn't know me at all.