Monday, November 12, 2012

A different haze

How was your weekend? Mine was like a poorly scripted, slightly darker than usual, Dawson's Creek episode. Minus the pompous dialog.

Saturday, Chloe invites me to a party in Brooklyn, we take a cab to one of her ad agency colleague's apartment. "Oh, and by the way", she says as we get out in the dark, "he still has no electricity after the storm".

It's after an hour or so that I see him across the large living room, Henry, this time through the smoke from our breaths and the hundred candle lights*. He drags me closer without talking, he looks at me and only me and I can't tell if he's smiling. I sit down next to him in the sofa, we don't say anything and the smell from another moment like this years earlier almost paralyzes me. Maybe it's just the cold.

"Are you happy", he asks, the first thing he says after what feels like hours.

"No", I say.

"Good, only ignorant people are truly happy. The rest are just faking it".

Someone sitting next to us starts laughing nervously. Henry grabs my hand under the blanket, we both know it wasn't supposed to be a joke.

*Today's ad men don't smoke and they can't tell whiskey from brandy


  1. an awesome story again. i am addicted to your texts..i love them.<3
    and it sounds so sad and a bit spooky.

  2. brilliant! you have a way of sharing your story thats really magnetizing!
    also, i really love the photos!
    love your blog!
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  3. There is something eerie about the way you write. I'm loving it. :)

  4. I love reading this blog!

  5. You are an amazing writer.
    I can nearly smell the smoke.
    Great job.

  6. "Good, only ignorant people are truly happy. The rest are just faking it"
    reading this, realising how true it is, i wish i was ignorant. happiness has become the memory of something that feels like the manic episodes of a bipolar in retrospect. happiness - maybe a few seconds, a breath, a glance, a fall, a rush...
    you make me think. i love your words.


  7. I guess it would be start of a better brighter future :-)

  8. Very thought provoking, lovely imagery and photos.. and the sentiments.. Henry sounds dreamy.. charming but incredibly wise beyond his years.

  9. Thank you for going through my blog and taking time to comment.
    You have a beautiful blog. Amazing writing and photos
    I love
    I'm definitely going to be coming back here from time to time in future

  10. You write really good.
    Love the pics too.

    Jennifer | My Scrambled

  11. Wow beautiful pics!!

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  12. as usual, a brilliant piece of writing, but here's this: you can be happy, and you can be just as creative and wonderful without some tragedy running your life. I learned this recently, the hard way.

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  14. woah <3 such lovely photos <3

  15. I love the photos.
    Though I wonder how the stories would read differently without their bias. Beautiful either way.

  16. I love your writing and those pictures are fantastic!

  17. i love those pretty pictures.. thanks for visiting my blog!


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  19. stunning photos.

  20. beautiful writing! lovely story.

  21. Thanks for your comment :) I love your blog.

  22. I think I would kiss him as I saw him... especially while all those candles were all around you...

  23. i've always thought that true happiness occurs only in memory, you only really notice your level of happiness/sadness when you're not happy.

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  26. Hello, you are a great writer. Very talented. Dig the blog ;)