Thursday, October 18, 2012

Karma police

It seems like ages ago that I first saw her, that girl, standing by the fence away from everyone else in the school yard. It was fall like now, the oak leaves on the ground matched her tailored little Prada coat and the Missoni scarf, tied loosely around her neck.

She always stood there, alone, even in the rain. Every now and then I saw her in the hallways, silently passing by like a high fashion shadow. She intrigued me so I talked to her, her name was Stephanie but she wanted me to call her S. Everyone said she was strange but to me she was the most normal person in the Silver Lake area.

I followed her home from school. "Under that tree" she said, "that magnolia, I buried a dead bird last summer. Then in October I felt guilty for leaving it all alone in the cold ground so I went out one night and dug it up. I've kept the little skeleton in one of my father's cigar boxes ever since." The idea gave me goose bumps.

"We have to become friends" she said, "because now we share a secret".


  1. Beautiful photos,so dark and captivating...strange is the new normal :)

  2. And that is a true friend. One who will hold that secret, never letting it get away from her.

  3. you photos are beautiful x

  4. This post reminds me of my best friend, sohu.
    Oh God, i can't imagine life without her..

  5. pure. beautiful pictures.
    suck a sentimental and honest post.
    what would be life without her? xo

  6. S is one particular girl I see... love the way you describe all your characters... I can almost see them while reading. I can only wish to have a gift for writing and expressing myself like you, dear Avy.


    Miss B.

  7. Sounds like you miss someone.. I like the last line, "We have to become friends because now we share a secret." Secrets do bring people closer together but some tear them apart.. Good luck to you Avy and to S. as well.

  8. I hope you and Stephanie can work things out, true friends are so hard to find these days.
    I don't know what happened between you two, maybe something to do with a boy but remember boys come and go, true friends are forever.

    Take care x

  9. I more then love this,honey!:) So inspiring!;-)

  10. danke für deine lieben kommis auf meinem blog! toller blog, mach weiter so!! :)


  11. Avy, you and S should definitely be friends again. :)

  12. It is so funny, actually I am listening to Mick Jagger's song...
    Love this post! I'm already following you!
    Check Out my blog!

  13. How funny :) Great Blog.

    Following you, I do hope you follow back.

    Toni xx

  14. And who did she become ??? Do you still know her, does she still have the cigar box ?

  15. qu fotos mas bonitas!
    te sigo!
    un abrazo

  16. That is just heartbreaking.

  17. you have a lovely way of writing dear.. really impressive.

  18. adorable!

  19. aWESOME BLOG ! Love the photographs and i really like the stories !

    James :)