Thursday, November 17, 2011

S in wonderland

Earlier: S calls me from the airport, I act unaffected but I feel my heart racing as she speaks between breaths. It's the first time in months I hear her voice and I imagine it's changed somehow. "I have five bottles of Limoncello" she says excitedly. "What are you doing this weekend?"

Later she calls me again from her family's limo-like SUV her father sent to pick her up, and she tells me about how she's finally realized she has to start providing for herself and create her own life. It's so adorable I just want to cry.


  1. It's interesting to watch both your and S.'s blog at the same time.You two seem to complete each other on some level
    Loved the post <3

  2. Lovely post, it warms my heart <3
    But I'm just wondering, who is S??


  3. Not sure who 'S' is or what your relation to her is but sounds like you love her dearly and hope you are united.
    I read your last 3 posts and the one with a paragraph from your mom's diary made me realize she writes beautifully as well.

  4. Is this all REALLY real? I know you've answered this already but it's like reading a novel. I want to put all this in a book and carry it with my everywhere. You have such a beautiful way of describing the ordinary. Dou you write? I hope you intend to. I am in love with this blog and im following forever, I'm putting you on my favoirites tab and look forward to reading more. I just found your blog and I'm sad I was ever without it. Of course im following! lol <3

  5. I'm reading all your posts from the beginning. you have pain from what I'm writing. You haven't been dealt an easy life. I'm only on 2009s but I'm working my way through your journey.

  6. I love your blog and I'm so happy I found it - the posts are so pretty and I especially love this last post, it's one of your best yet!!
    Follow each other? :)


  7. I look forward to reading more, it's like a novel.. I love it :) keep doing this, it inspires me! I have an inspirational/motivational section on my blog, I would love to put one of your stories on there and let people know how wonderful you are:) if that's ok with you follow me and let me know, I will be following you darling :) xoxo