Monday, October 24, 2011

Down by the broken tree house

One of the things I remember: staying in on a Saturday night, wondering what he was doing, who he was with. Did he miss me like I missed him, or was he out somewhere thinking of everything but the closeness we shared? It broke my heart imagining all the girls that got to come close to him in bars and on busses, brushing against his clothes, but at least I felt something and I pretend it was worth it.

Mother actually came home yesterday, like she said she would. "Where's Hernan" I asked, but she answered to something else. The little traces of mascara on her celadon skin told the story and somehow I wish she wanted to tell me about it. Maybe her pain could become mine so I'd know I'm still alive.


  1. This is so sad. </3 But it's life, I suppose.


  2. Hola, preciosas letras desnudan lentamente la pura e integral belleza de este blog, si te va la palabra olvidada, la poesía, te invito al mio,será un placer,es
    gracias, buen día, besos rotundos...

  3. The wondering is a hard, knowing they have moved on, that you are no longer wanted, is even worse. They say we need to move passed it...they say a lot of things, easier said than done.

  4. noone could ever not miss you
    that's what i think

  5. I do so love your entries...I should comment more, but alas, I do not. Just know that someone out here is loving every word of it. ::xoxo::

  6. Almost felt that!The way you wrote about your feelings is just...I have no words.
    Wonderful writing Avy,I expect nothing less from you!


  7. Sadly true.

    just heard this song on the radio yesterday

  8. Sometimes we just wish to feel, even negative feelings, it can be better than feeling nothing.
    Lovely song.