Saturday, October 29, 2011


Mother is happy again, her roller coaster mood changed from Für Alina to Twist and Shout in an instant. "Hernan is coming over for dinner" she says as she passes by in the hallway, her Jimmy Choo heels clicking rhythmically over the marble floor. I spend too much time in bed but I lack the energy to do more. At least my orchids are flourishing, taking care of them is about as much work as I can put up with.

When Hernan finally comes around at 9 PM he kisses mother on the cheek, then looks over at me with those dark Mexican eyes. The perfect cliché, I can't believe it works on anyone, even mother. Later we're alone for a minute, I turn to him and say "you don't make her happy, so why are you here?" Smiling, he calmly answers "all happy families are alike, every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way".

I'm lost for words. How did he know that?


  1. What a doucheee.
    Beautiful picture, I wanna hang it on my wall <3
    Have a good weekend! =)


  2. wise words or not, i'm still left thinking he's an idiot. but then again that could be my twisted perception. unless he's a broken clock, only right twice a day.

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