Saturday, August 13, 2011

They were born and then they lived and then they died

Friday night after too many shots of tequila I fall in and out of sleep in mother's king-sized bed. Through the darkness I hear the silent breaths of a girl, her warm skin under silk sheets, little reflections of a distant light in her dark green eyes as she looks at me.

Laying next to her I try to encapsulate the feeling of touching her, but the only thing left in the morning is her smell on my fingertips. She's gone, I still see her in front of me, what she's wearing, her smile, but I've forgotten what her body felt like under my trembling hands.

All these things that end and that I try so hard to hold on to when deep inside I know it's no use. I wish I could get over the sadness.


  1. avy that photo of you is stunning! you will get over the sadness someday, but then it's memory may jump back at you, in a flashback, taking you briefly to that place again, with a sigh of wistfulness. or maybe not? perhaps.

  2. You have a beautiful heart that will help you get over the sadness in your life.
    I'm back to blogger now. Missed your posts.
    Love. :)

  3. These words are so sad, but so beautiful. I hope that you feel a little happier soon, I wish I could make you smile. Is that you in the picture? You are absolutely gorgeous! And I really like your bracelets. I hope you have a lovely day! <3

  4. Sometimes the glimpse of those moments will get charred into our brain, those memories are blessings and curses.

  5. Hello Avy, good way to describe those feelings and experiences, I also like the visual narrative of your photos.

  6. Words laced with poetic nostalgia. And The Smiths. *sigh* An altogether lovely read.

  7. it's all we have, Avy, the moment, and the seconds afterwards, realizing how precious it was, when something of it is still present, like a ghost.

    love the picture!!!

  8. your spirit is fragile and beautiful and this
    comes across in your addictive writing.

  9. I think letting things out in any way will help you overcome the sadness you have.. I always like to "enjoy" happiness when I'm happy, sadness when I'm sad, anger when angry.. I hate people trying to snap me out of a mood just to "get over it".. I do like to experience all sorts of emotiones, that's when I'm most inspired... I live them, I breathe them and when I'm done I move on, by myself... I hope this can come useful to you as well...
    anyway.. lovely writting.. and LOVE the smiths as well.. take care!