Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pandora's unopened box

Another change, another journey away from the status quo. This time it wasn't according to his plan, but one has to take chances too, right? New York had been everything he had dreamt of, but he couldn't shake that eerie uncertainty: what if...?

People had first come to California looking for gold, this was more or less the same thing. Falling in love like that is not something that just happens, it has to have a reason. He had never believed in fate or a deeper meaning to the things that happen in life, but this was in a way bigger and more profound than anything he had ever seen or felt.

He remembered something his mother had said when his family went through the toughest of times at home: you will never regret anything more than the chances you never took. Nothing will sting more than wondering what could have been if only...

Los Angeles laid open before him, like a clouded dream.


  1. Nice post, there is nothing like following your heart and dreams.

  2. if only...

  3. 'what if?' is one of the worst questions i ask myself. luvly post. much love xx

  4. such a lovely writing and agree on that!

  5. great post! it is no use to dwell on the 'what ifs' in life though.. take it as it comes and live everyday with a smile on your face! :)
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    Kasia xoxo

  6. The label on your posting says it's about your father. About when he moved from New York to Los Angeles.

    He moved for love.

    You came later, but it's clear you loved your father. You show it in your words' reverence.