Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I'm only happy when it rains

I would be lying if I said I wasn't in some sense drawn to darkness. When someone tells me the songs I listen to make them sad I say "...and that's why I love them". I guess you could blame it on circumstance or heritage but I don't complain, and frankly, I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all. This is the only way of living I know, I've always found different kinds of beauty in the things that are hurtful.

You could say It's my way of surviving.

When the darkest of nights comes upon me I look to the many little stars that light up the sky. Right now there are 700 of you, one hundred for every deadly sin, and I love you all equally. Thank you so much for reading, and writing ♥


  1. Oh, you have such a beautiful blog!


  2. First of all thanks for your comment! and regarding to this post all i have to say is that i totally agree with you. for me depresion and sadness is what really makes me feel i am alive and what is almost more important for me, this kind of vision about life and beauty allows me to compose songs, be creative and express myself in some way while i appreciate art more in depth. However sometimes this state cannot be enterely regulated by yourself, so i'm just learning how to control these feelings to the point that i can have a normal life and feeling blue at the same time, because there is a point when real depresion may come to you, and makes art and beauty dissapear from your life, so that's basically what i think we need to pay attention to and work on

    sorry for this holy bible i've written when i even know you, but it's so hard to find people with this kind of world view and to connect with them that i thought i would feel better coming out with my feelings about it

    btw rainy days are beautiful and so your blog


  3. Only happy when it rains.
    Gotta love that song.

    It's the tune I swing my life to.
    Just perfect, like your blog.

    Keep on, girl.


  4. hey avy, how do you feel about blue october?

  5. that reminds me of the garbage song!

  6. You are so eloquent and articulate! Sometimes, I feel more secure too when it's raining. I love how you put words together :) Would you like us to follow each other? I'd be very glad to follow you and read more of your writings :)

  7. I don't just read your blog.. your true fans like me can feel what you must be feeling before typing each word.. And you can make people feel.. that's what the best thing about you!! :)
    Keep going!! Have a nice time ahead! I was your 629th follower.. Congratulations on 700 followers.. oh now its 703!! :D

  8. Love it they are no words how to explain how wonderful ur blog is

  9. Your blog always seems so mystical to me, i love them :)
    You write beautifully.

  10. First of all, thanks so much for commenting on my blog, not just for the comment in itself, but also for bringing me to yours through it.

    I LOVE how you made the comparison between your 700 followers and the 7 deadly sins, and I can totally relate to not being so 'bothered' by suffering. I always felt it's a natural part of the human experience, and I find days when I'm hurt or disturbed by something infinitely better than numb, empty days. Maybe because I feel 'bad days' are more fully lived, or maybe because I think they are learning experiences. Either way, I agree. :)

    Jo @

  11. Beautiful.

    You're a phenomenal writer.

  12. "I've always found different kinds of beauty in the things that are hurtful. "

    That is a wonderful line. I love meeting insightful writers like you in the interwebs <3

  13. That is a gorgeous picture. I too, prefer the darkness, which everyone thinks is weird because I became a standup comic. My last name, Soro? Hello!!!! (I made it up)