Wednesday, June 29, 2011

She's not in fashion

Maybe, maybe it's the clothes we wear
The tasteless bracelets and the dye in our hair

My friend Chloe is the greatest thinker I know, she produces memorable quotes to an extent ordinary people could only dream of doing over a lifetime.

Tuesday night she visits me, we're sitting on the roof of our house as the reddish sun sets over Silver Lake. She has to work in the morning but I convince her to stay a little longer, just so we can pretend like time doesn't pass.

When Marilyn Monroe died, she says, Lee Strasberg inherited her entire wardrobe. It must be like owning a fashion museum.

Wouldn't you want to wear them?, I ask.

She doesn't answer, instead she's quite for a minute before she says ...and they claim nothing ever changes for the worse. Imagine being Lee Strasberg today, Lindsay Lohan dies and leaves you all her clothes. Wouldn't that be just like a big fat slap in the face?


  1. avy i had to look up lee strasberg. "just so we can pretend like time doesn't pass," is my favorite line of the day.

  2. i think i would prefer her money.

  3. i absolutely love your blog. every post is so thoughtful and makes me think. i've become a follower.

  4. bahahaha sooo true!! Everyone needs one of those insightful friends.

    Loving every second of your blog & now following xx

  5. i'd never epected any one to listen to that song as well.
    you are so smart and made me laugh. so much.
    i have got a linsay-ish friedn, she always offers me her clothes and wants to take me to parties.

    what ever happened to edies wardrobe?
    all traded in for heroin?

    it would fit us i guess, and burn our skins.


  6. gosh, each post is so captivating.
    i adore everything
    you bring me laughs with your wits
    you bring me tears with your honesty
    i love it all

    sweetness xx
    hope to hear from you*!

  7. Your blog title=amazingness
    All of your posts=beyond original
    I am following you now= DUH!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today! I am so happy to have discovered yours now! It is seriously rad!

    Stoked to follow along now- we'll keep in touch, babe! kisses!

    moonstruck exposé

    x. juliana

  8. Haha I would rather have Lilo's fortune (if there is any moolah left) than her clothes. Let's be real. :P

  9. ohhhhhhhhh okay. now i understand. well thank you, i feel most welcomed =)

  10. Your blog is so beautiful..I just spent quite some time reading many of your posts. They are so genuine, and I really admire that

    x Sea

  11. "we're sitting on the roof of our house as the reddish sun sets over Silver Lake" this gave me shivers to be honest,and it's not the only post that did that.I'm totally following you
    PS: good thing u stopped by my blog else i wouldn't have found this awesomeness of posts =]

  12. I love how delicate-looking your photographs seem! <3 And your posts are all lovely and thoughtful!

  13. well that title quote was by suede...
    i left you a comment much nicer than the whole post.
    god, i was naive back then.
    you were not