Sunday, June 5, 2011

What about us?

I've always known that God is just an excuse for all the evils in the world, my father taught me that. He told me that whenever something bad happens, something we didn't plan for or wanted, we can always blame it on fate saying "the lord works in mysterious ways".

Being certain of that is a mixed blessing. It means you can be in control of your own destiny, but also that there is no afterlife. And then what?

Yesterday S joined us as we were going out. Just looking at her I could see she's beginning to have the same insight, but without the darker side. She only wants to enjoy life and not be afraid of how she will be judged or rejected in heaven. She looked amazing on the dance floor, as if she had done it her whole life; flirting with the boys, moving like an angel in a twirling skirt. I hope she never starts thinking about what happens when we're all gone.


  1. i never believed in god. even so, i have been dragged to mass every week to pray.

    i wish i knew what happened afterwards, when we're gone.

  2. God is such a comfort, even if it isn't true. I put a lot of work into ignoring my doubts because I know there is really no point in acting like He isn't there. If he doesn't exist, then I'll never know, but I will have lived a life comforted by the knowledge that I will someday come home to my father in heaven. I'll take you up on that wager, Pascal.

  3. I think people who believe in God are in control of their own destinies too. They choose the clearest destiny of all. One might even say they are more in control. However, religion has a dark aspect too. It may have hope in the end, but life becomes infinitely harder because suffering is supposed to have underlying messages. I always tell myself that I can't NOT believe in God, but sometimes I think it's easier to believe it's all meaningless.

  4. You can't be lazy if you want to be an atheist. The lack of the afterlife adds a sense of urgency that always pounds on you and makes you feel guilty if you waste what you have right now.

  5. This is a controversial topic for sure. Like a few people stated above believing in God does not necessarily mean having no control over your destiny or your future. I think it is in human nature to believe in some great power that is above and beyond them. And when it comes to 'bad things' it might give people comfort to cope with these things if they feel some power high above had a reason to make this happen I guess.
    I feel everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and there is no right or wrong. My ex was an atheist and I am once again married to another atheist so go figure!

  6. Thank you for your insightful post. It is actually more difficult to believe that we are not designed. Even the clothes we wear are designed, the houses we live in are, the laptop we are typing with are. We are also designed. But God doesn't just sit up on His throne and not care about us. He hopes that we make the right choices all the time, to protect us. Because there are consequences to all of our actions- good and bad. He doesn't control us at all, we have been given free choice. And boy do I thank Him for that!

    Come see my blog hun :)

  7. Avy, I think what you're talking about is part of an even larger discussion...the one that says if God is all knowing then he also causes everything to happen. I just don't believe that's true. If I know something's going to happen, that doesn't mean I caused it. Same way with God. He gave us all free will, so people can choose to kill or steal or love and give. Sickness and death are just a consequence of living in a fallen world. I don't believe that God causes the bad things but I do believe that He helps us get through them. I see him as light and life in the darkness. That's what He's been for me. I'm glad you got this discussion going. Debbie

  8. Your father taught you wrong, dear.