Saturday, April 16, 2011

A lost chance

On the very last day he found himself sitting alone in an empty hallway with a one way boat ticket in his hands. The cememted courtyard outside was ful of his classmates, shining along with the spring sun in their white dresses and black suits, but he himself had nothing to celebrate. He had given in to the pressure from his teacher and accepted a series of lower grades than he deserved for his hard work, all for the sake of equality.

His calm breaths a requiem over a wasted youth, or so he felt. This was going to be his last failure, his last defeat. Never again was he going to suffer such humiliation at the hands of anyone that tried to hold him back or push him down. He didn't say goodbye to anyone, he just went home, packed his bags and left.

Behind him: a burnt soil where nothing but envy and mistrust could possibly grow.

Ahead: everything else and the ocean.


  1. aw.. this is beautiful and bittersweet :)

  2. you have a beautiful way with words i can not even begin to describe

  3. Love your blog,about the name-is it true?