Monday, March 28, 2011

Us and them

When they understod that he wasn't going to join them, the young radicals turned against him. Don't be so fucking selfish, they said. Ok, so your father killed himself, big deal. There's always someone who suffers more than you, you should care more about them and discard your puny self pity. What good is a society if we don't stick together?

He knew exactly what they were trying to tell him, and he hated it. They wanted him to renounce his own life for the benefit of others, and more specifically, for the benefit of the young radicals. They wanted to use him as a tool for their own purposes, their own narrow minded self-indulgence, and pass it all off as altruism.

The hypocricy made him sick, but he had finally reached his last year in school. Just one more spring and it would all be over.


  1. Hello Avy! I know its been a long time, I have been on a kinda hiadus...But I am back now :) I will have to read further to get up to date on this story.

  2. heavy dude. good post though xx

  3. i don't have words to describe the love i am feeling for you right now.

  4. I don't really think altruism exists. No one does anything for the greater good, at most they do whats best for their share of the greater good. Or a feeling of superiority.