Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Not so amazing grace

It seems to be a part of the so called human nature to try and benefit from other peoples' tragedies. Everyone does it, but the level of subtlety varies. Some are easy to spot and avoid, others work on a whole other level and appeal to your most sincere state of vulnerability.

You need to find Jesus, they told him. Only God can make sense of the senseless and bring meaning to that which seems inane. He could smell the hypocrisy from miles away, and was only infuriated by the flagrant lack of actual answers. The lord works in mysterious ways, fuck you.

He didn't need specious comforting, he didn't need someone to tell him how he should feel or what he should envision in order to reach "salvation", whatever that was. His father was dead, period, and now was the time for action, not empty words. He made a vow there and then never to make excuses or see things for something other than they really were. He needed to stay true to his own ideals, not those of others, and never to succumb to collective moral judgements. Such was the standpoint born from tragedy, to his own benefit, but it was never going to be easy.


  1. Sounds pretty logical to me...sounded like a smart man.
    I love this....