Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A midwinter night's dream

Can some people feel it when you think of them?

I was afraid to contact S, it's been so long and it's only because of me. I wanted her to call me today because I needed someone like her, and suddenly she did. We met at The Grove and ended up in the Victoria's Secret store where she tried on a dozen bras. For every one she asked what I thought and was satisfied with me just smiling.

But then there's that sixth sense that she has. As we walked back she asked me what was wrong, and I told her. She kept quiet and just listened, and when we got to her house and her pink little room she said "hold my hand until that sadness is gone". It was the sweetest thing I've ever heard, I burst into tears and cried for a half hour. She held my hand like she said she would, ran her slender fingers through my hair and breathed calmly. Afterwards, I wiped my tears on her white Prada dress and told her I love her.

She looked so happy.


  1. love thiss :)

  2. it's amazing, love, don't you think? i'm happy that you have that someone who will hold you, and hug, and listen with no questions ask... who will know that you are lonely just by looking at your eyes, and make you feel less alone, just by sitting next to you... isn't it amazing?

  3. Everyone needs a person like that.
    She sounds so lovely.♥

  4. i think they can feel it.
    it is almost like when you are looking at someone, and they turn around to look at you because they felt it?
    it can be wonderful, really.

  5. Friendship is one of the best types of love. Hold on to her. She probably needs you just as much.

  6. this is it, darker and deeper and stronger than blood. the connection between you and those who know

  7. i wonder this all the time.

    love, love.

  8. It is a very beautiful photograph.
    It looks forward to the update.
    Thank you.