Saturday, February 12, 2011

An awakening

I never wanted to hear the usual bedtime stories. I was his princess and he was my hero, and that was enough. Instead, I wanted him to tell me tales from his childhood. So he did. 

Growing up in the 60s, he said, was in many ways like living in a fairytale. Even though his own life was filled with angst and hardship, he was always told that he lived in the best of societies. The rest of the world envied the stability and security enjoyed by common men in his country, and the economic model embraced by the government seemed flawless. 

But the Swedish nation, he said, suddenly encountered difficult problems in the early 70s. Problems that no one had expected and that came to define my father's life through his father, and in a way also affected me. It seems there is no escaping a lie that transcends generations: the one about the final state of perfection.


  1. i always wonder about the past, dear... i love the second paragraph where everything isn't perfect but the people, at least someone, see it as a fairytale. i always wonder if i saw/did/felt the same in my past life...

    oh no... maybe not. i was a mermaid in my past life i believe. :)

    i love this post!♥

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  3. Wonderful, your posts are so enthralling and detailed.

  4. Thanks for visiting me! I love ure words!

  5. I read the first sentence and got hooked.

    The way you write is truly captivating.

  6. Your writing is beautiful, love the scene and mood you've depicted. Hope you visit back :)

  7. i'd love to forget that stability security are just fairytale concepts.
    spot on post.
    new pics are so good, the light source in the bathtub is genius!

    Love, L

  8. Yes, escaping is what we do, right? Whether it's behind enchanting words, locked away hideouts or between a bottle and a nutshell. We do have our ways, it's always a thrill to see where it leads.. Take care dear.