Friday, January 21, 2011

A man of principles and defiance

He was always loved, but being an outcast in a small town he was also at the center of everyone's attention. If he had enemies or went through times of social hardship, he mostly brought it on himself. By refusing to follow the standards and live by the norms, he stirred up annoyance and even anger. People told him that for his own good he should accept the opinions and judgments of others as his guiding principles. They told him it's dangerous to have a will of your own, to have your own principles and ideas, and that he should simply succumb to the popular view. He was a majestic bird in a small cage, a winsome flower under the suffocating blanket of a narrow-minded society, and all he wanted to do was to break free and fly.


  1. I feel like a bird in a small cage.. I'm bombarded by the negative opinions of others and their cold-hearted judgments, and sometimes it drives me to the point of complete madness - or rather, I'm on that venture.

    I think I would get along with this person you're talking about.

  2. I think I am in love with your protagonist and your writing style.
    Excellent. Excellent.

    Publish a book. The world needs this.