Monday, December 20, 2010

You can't always get what you want

My father was my hero and the light of my life. He was tall and handsome but a fragile spirit, and he died at 41. His mother was, or still is, Swedish, from a little place called Trollhattan, spelled with one of those dotted a:s. I always thought of it as a very warm place full of trolls and goblins. Troll-heat. My father laughed and humoured me. He promised me he'd take me there some day, but he never did.


  1. Maybe going there now, you'll feel him in spirit..

  2. I too feel a pilgrimage should be undertaken.

    [Hold down the "alt/option" key and press the "u" key, then the letter you want the diacritic above.]

  3. I suggest you visit that place, and stay strong

  4. Go... take the camera (and one of those irritating Euro power cord adapter thingies too)... and make some memories you haven't yet had.

    Nothing tastes more like revolution than that.

  5. I am very very sorry about your father. You will see him again someday. Just keep him in your heart for now. :)
    Have a very Merry Christams. ♥


  6. Indulge yourself. Go visit. Have a magical Christmas darling. xo

  7. A random comment on such an old post, I wonder if it will be lost. My father just recently died, suddenly, without any reason or goodbye. He was 61, still so healthy and young, in my opinion. Anyway, I have appreciated reading through your stories and you continue to inspire me to write more creatively. (Thanks for that.) I suppose it's never easy to lose someone, but it helps to know there are others who have experienced similar tragedy, as if the empathy somehow eases the pain. Being that this post is so old, I'm curious - did you ever visit Trollhatten?